Vintage 2017
Wine Type Red
Varietal Red Blend
Region Knights Valley
Winemaker Mark Beringer
Winemaker Mark Beringer creates our winery-exclusive wines to honor his iconic familial heritage as well as highlight his own explorations. Each wine in this collection is made in limited production, showcasing a vineyard, varietal, blend or region that Mark feels merits its own bottling. Crafted to be enjoyed upon release, our winery-exclusive wines are unique offerings with each vintage and reflect the quality, history and winemaking expertise that Beringer has been known for since 1876.

Vineyard Notes

Beringer’s 3 Acre Red Wine is sourced primarily from Knights Valley, a vineyard that Beringer has owned and farmed since the mid-1960s, when the Beringer family recognized that the cobbly, rocky alluvial soils were a great place to grow high-quality wine grapes. Beringer was instrumental in garnering official recognition for the area in 1983 as a premier wine growing region in the form of its own American Viticulture Area (AVA) designation. Small portions of the blend also come from Napa Valley and Paso Robles appellations.

Vintage Notes

The 2017 vintage offered an ideal growing season. Although California’s drought delivered another dry winter, the growing season started with a warm, dry spring and relatively early bud break. Summer was mild and consistent with even, warm temperatures. Knights Valley often sees greater fluctuation in temperature than Napa Valley, with intensely warm days that cool dramatically in the evening. The 2016 growing season was very even without any brutal heat spikes. Warm days with plenty of sunshine and cool evenings allowed for excellent ripening, phenolic and flavor development in the grapes.