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2022 Beringer Knights Valley Mountain Rosé

2022 Beringer Knights Valley Mountain Rosé

2022 Beringer Knights Valley Mountain Rosé

Tasting Notes

Displaying a bright salmon pink hue with a shiny rose gold rim, the Mountain Rosé leaps out of the glass in both scent and color. Aromas of flinty-ripe starfruit, marshmallow, watermelon taffy, and cotton blossom emerge and intertwine to create a delightful sensory experience. Upon tasting, the wine reveals a plush mouthfeel with a bright acidity, showcasing flavors of Alpine strawberry cream, Casaba melon, and finishing with ripe feijoa. This refreshing and well-balanced wine is the perfect accompaniment to warm spring days and cool summer evenings. Drink fresh to enjoy the lush fruit flavors and aromas at their apotheosis.

Technical Information

Varietal Rose
Vintage 2022
Appellation Knight's Valley
Alcohol % 13.5%


Crafted to be aromatic, bright, and fruit forward, the Mountain Rosé utilizes the 'stabulation' process to increase aromatics to their limit. The fruit is kept cold as whole clusters are pressed immediately after harvesting. The juice is left on the skins for the minimum amount of time to provide a very light touch of color. This is where the ‘stabulation’ technique is implemented. Post-pressing, the juice is kept cold at around 30F-32F and mixed daily for up to 3 weeks before beginning its fermentation. This imparts more flavor and helps the wine develop even more aromatic intensity while still keeping visual clarity. The fermentation itself is low and slow at 50F and can often take weeks to complete. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is racked clean off its lees and stored in stainless steel vessels to preserve the bright aromatics until bottling.


Located 17 miles northwest of the winery, Knights Valley vineyard is approximately 600 acres, and has rocky, well-drained soils.