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In an effort to provide our collectors with up to date information on our wines, Beringer Winemaster Ed Sbragia and Winemaker Laurie Hook are delighted to share yearly updated tasting notes on Private Reserve Cabernet.

The below includes vintage notes (written at time of release), component information and winemaker comments from a recent tasting in January 2007.

It has been extremely rewarding for the Beringer winemaking team to watch these wines age. In general they find that the wines frequently taste their best 10 -15 years after release. However, there really is no one magic moment when the wine metamorphoses into a supple, perfect drink. Most wines evolve and soften over time, yet each bottle is a living substance that changes according to its own rhythms.

For those not as accustomed to drinking aged wines, the character of a young Cabernet Sauvignon is quite different from a wine that has aged 20 years in the bottle. Some typical bottle age characters that we often find in aged Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet include: soy, tobacco, leather, earthiness, black olive and tea. We’ve tried to include a drink or hold recommendation with each vintage.

Additionally, storage conditions play a significant role in the condition of an older wine; all the wines tasted below were stored under optimal conditions at the winery.