Pioneering sustainable farming

At Beringer, we know that part of making great wines is caring for the land, animals, and people that make those wines possible. We have had sustainable practices in place since long before sustainable farming become fashionable. All of our owned and leased vineyards are certified sustainable by third parties, and we provide our external growers with the resources they need to achieve sustainable farming practices.

So, why just sustainable rather than organic or biodynamic? We chose to farm sustainably because it is all-encompassing. It applies not only to the farming practices in the vineyard, but also the surrounding environment, community, and economy. It covers everything from soil and canopy management, planting developments, water and chemical usage to employee benefits and more. In short, sustainability is about smart farming. It encourages best practices that ensure the longevity of the vineyard and optimization of the quality of the grapes and wine.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Our farming practices promote our sustainability philosophy. There are several actions we take to care for our soil and minimize water-usage. First, we till minimally to reduces soil erosion. Second, we apply compost to improve soil health and nutrition, reduce soil evaporation, and ultimately help vine balance and wine quality. Third, we use soil-moisture monitoring equipment to prevent unnecessary water usage. Fourth, we utilize drip irrigation to reduce water use and evaporation.

Beyond our soils, we focus on habitat protection and provide refuge for various species in order to sustain a balanced ecosystem and provide additional pest control. We also tailor cover crop programs to attract beneficial insects and increase organic matter and natural fertilizers, and, through integrated pest management systems, we promote healthy vineyard environments by protecting beneficial insects. By modifying our the trellis system to allow sunlight through the canopy of the vines and increased air movement, we can support even ripening and create a microclimate less conducive to pests and disease. When we do have to apply treatments, we adhere to stringent regulations concerning substances that are applied to our vineyards and what is safe for our vineyard staff to use.

Sustainability Achievements

  • We've reduced our energy consumption by over 30% since 2007
  • We host the largest solar installation of any winery in California
  • We are certified under the Napa Green Winery and Napa Green Certified Land Programs as well as the California Sustainable Winegrowing program.
  • In an effort to protect waterways, all of our owned and leased vineyards are certified by Fish Friendly Farming