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Shop  >  2010 Beringer Pinot Grigio California

2010 Beringer Pinot Grigio California

2010 Beringer Pinot Grigio California
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2010 Beringer Pinot Grigio California

2010 Beringer Pinot Grigio California

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Beringer’s California Collection boasts some of the best-selling wines in the country. Fruit-forward and smooth, these wines offer consistent quality for casual drinkers. Beringer’s California Collection is named for the ripe fruit flavors that characterize the wines as well as the bountiful and sunny state in which they originate.

The grapes for Beringer’s Pinot Grigio come from vineyards along California’s coast where cool Pacific breezes temper warm days to create ideal growing conditions for this delicate varietal. The essential balance between long, warm days and cool evenings allow the grapes to fully ripen and develop fragrant fruit characteristics while retaining a lively balancing acidity and minerality. Additionally, the dry summers that stretch without rain from April through October allow the grapes a long, even growing season to build multiple layers of complex flavors.

Winemaking Notes
When making the Beringer Pinot Grigio, Beringer’s winemaking team focused on the refreshing crisp minerality and fruity peach undertones for which the varietal is known. Following harvest, the grapes were gently crushed and immediately pressed to minimize skin contact. A cool-fermentation followed in stainless steel to retain the Pinot Grigio’s bright, fruit forward character.

Tasting Notes
Beringer’s California Collection Pinot Grigio has a refreshing bite of juicy white peach and citrus, finishing with a flinty-minerality. It pairs well with the hot days and warm nights of summer – as a pre-dinner sipper or with fresh salads and grilled chicken.

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$96.00  /  Case
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Vintage: 2010
Appellation: California
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2010 Beringer Pinot Grigio California
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