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Beringer is the Bounty of Napa Valley

Our culinary perspective

Great wine. Great food.

Alongside Beringer's dedication to world-class wine is our passion for culinary development and excellence. From developing and mentoring some of America's great culinary talents to tending to our onsite vegetable garden, we ensure the food we produce is of the utmost in quality and nutrition.

Beringer's Hudson House

We entertain guests with multi-course tasting menus, paired with our Reserve Wines, in the Hudson House. Not only is the Hudson House an historic site on the vineyard, it was home to the School for American Chefs from 1990 to 2000, an exclusive school for professional chefs taught by famous author and food personality Madeleine Kamman. Beringer has been honored to host a number of culinary luminaries in the kitchen and dining room of Hudson House, including Julia Child, Charlie Trotter, Hiro Sone, Bradley Ogden and Thomas Keller.

Learn about the Hudson House

Maurine Sarjeant, Executive Chef

Chef Maurine Sarjeant began her career in Los Angeles, where she spent 12 years as the chef for Estée Lauder. From 1996 to 2007 she operated a private-chef business for a discerning Southern California clientele. In 2007 she joined the culinary team at Beringer Vineyards, and in 2008 Maurine was promoted to Executive Chef.

Maurine is inspired by the quality and diversity of foods to work with in the Napa Valley, and often finds the beginnings of or the finishing touches to her dishes in the Hudson House garden. She enjoys the creativity and precision required to pair her dishes with the portfolio of Beringer wines, and often looks forward to enjoying a glass of Beringer's Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon at the end of a long day in the kitchen.

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Maurine Sarjeant, Executive Chef
Maurine Sarjeant,
Executive Chef
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